Extra Large Coffee Filters

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The best extra large coffee filter (13 x 5 inches) for commercial coffee, tea machine, and extra uses. Easily brew coffee in a 1.5 gallon machine or fresh brew iced tea in a 3 gallon machine inside of our XL, tall walled filters. Biodegradable, bleach free, and eco-friendly. Also great for straining yogurt, crafts, polishing glassware, and more. 250 pack, 1 year+ supply.

Extra Large Coffee Filters

Regular price $26.95
Sale price $26.95 Regular price $44.95

For Commercial Restaurant, Cafe, Office, or Work Use

Perfect for anyone and everyone.

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Perfect 1.5 gallon to 3 gallon coffee or tea machines.

Tall Walls = No Mess

Designed with tall walls for no messy coffee ground overflow.

Great Extra Home Uses!

Strain yogurt, clean windows, polish glassware, do arts and crafts, and more.

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free ordering! Love it or your money back.


These things are super strong, yet porous, and are just all around amazing! I don’t brew coffee with them, I strain soft cheeses. Yep, these things are stand-ins for cheese cloth, and they’re ridiculously strong for being paper, and unbleached, to boot.

Tyler S.

Best XL Coffee Filters!

We were having a hard time getting the right size filter for our commercial coffee maker at the grocery store or Costco. These are perfect! They are deep enough, but not too big. So happy we aren't flhaving to fold them to make them fit or layer them to make it work. These are great.

John H.

Perfect Size for Restaurant Use

This extra large size is perfect for my large plastic coffee filter. The sides of the paper filter will fold over but it keeps the coffee grounds from overflowing. It's perfect for our waterfront restaurant coffee and tea. Love it!

Tammy S.

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