Peach Bellini Tea

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Take a sip and let your taste buds pop into a world of pure delight with our Peach Bellini Herbal Tea. Imagine the playful dance of juicy peaches and bubbly excitement, elegantly twirling in your cup. With each sip, let the bright notes of sun-kissed peaches and the hint of effervescent magic transport you to a garden party under the sun. This enchanting blend is your invitation to toast to life's sweetest moments. Sip, smile, and let this cup of peachy joy be your daily cheers to happiness! Zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugar. Caffeine Free & Kid Friendly. 


Make Hot or Cold Brew

For cozy mornings or hot summer days.

Delicious & Nutritious

Feel your brightest by enjoying all the health benefits herbal tea has to offer

Loose Tea = Extract All The Benefits

Loose tea give you the full benefits of the ingredients rather than tea bags ground to dust.

Save You Money!

Half the cost of tea shops or other tea brands like Tevana.

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free ordering!

Peach Bellini is THE Summer Drink!

Such a subtle and sweet tea, beautifully fragrant. As a southern girl, I prefer my tea ice syrupy sweet. I thought “no way will I like tea without a pound of sugar!” BUT this is AMAZING. I expected to need to add some honey or sugar, but it needs nothing. It has the perfect amount of sweetness, it smells divine and I can’t think of a better drink to sip poolside this summer. I’ve already ordered another bag! Buy this, you won’t regret it!

Lauren R.

It was sooo good!!!

I loved the Peach Bellini tea when I tried it. Went through it all within 3-4 days, it was so good! 😋

Sara H.

So Refreshing

Received my order last week and have been drinking the Peach Bellini tea non-stop all through the weekend. The tea has this wonderful light natural taste without any annoying after taste that lingers. The tea is so refreshing! I've been constantly drinking the tea instead of just plain water. The taste is light and not heavy like a soda or unnatural like even flavored seltzer can sometimes be. I start my morning with some of the peach Bellini tea in hot water and then switch to cold water and the peach Bellini tea in the afternoon. I am so pleasantly surprised that I am drinking more water and enjoying it more than ever. Can't wait to try some of the other flavors!

Nancy L.

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