Dragonfruit Tea

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Embark on a vibrant journey with our Dragonfruit Herbal Loose Tea. Imagine a tropical paradise where the sun-kissed dragonfruit reigns as the star. With every sip, let the exotic allure of dragonfruit and a symphony of tropical flavors transport you to a world of color and joy. Like a burst of sunshine in your cup, this enchanting blend is a reminder that every day is a canvas waiting to be painted with bright, delightful moments. Sip the rainbow, embrace the magic, and let this cup of wonder be your daily invitation to taste the extraordinary! 60 teaspoons, 30 day supply. Perfect for hot or cold brew. Zero calories, sugar, and carbs. Caffeine Free & Kid Friendly. 

Dragonfruit Tea

Regular price $12.00
Sale price $12.00 Regular price $16.95

Make Hot or Cold Brew

For cozy mornings or hot summer days.

Delicious & Nutritious

Feel your brightest by enjoying all the health benefits herbal tea has to offer

Loose Tea = Extract All The Benefits

Loose tea give you the full benefits of the ingredients rather than tea bags ground to dust.

Save You Money!

Half the cost of tea shops or other tea brands like Tevana.

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free ordering!

Full Of Flavor

This tea is so aromatic and so flavorfully. We all fell in love with it including my son when I made it iced.

Rochelle P.

This Dragon Slays!

It's been a long time since I've used leaf tea but thought I'd give this flavor a try after seeing a dragonfruit at the grocery store. I'm not a hot tea drinker and only make cold brew. I am in love with this tea, it's a beautiful color and I will be purchasing it again.

Jessica H.

My Favorite Tea

The dragonfruit tea is my absolute favorite! I recommend it to everyone. We made healthy jalapeno margaritas with it and they were delicious.

Susan K.

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