White Tea Tumbler

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Daily hydration just got way easier + fun with our Cold Brew Tea & Infusion Tumbler! Simply choose any loose tea, bagged tea, fruit, herb, or spice infusion you would like, fill with cold water, and take with you on-the-go anywhere! 4 bottles full = daily hydration needed for the day. It's time to feel your brightest! Fine mesh holes, shatterproof, lockable flip cap, carrying wrist strap, 16oz, Dishwasher Safe.

White Tea Tumbler

Regular price $24.95
Sale price $24.95 Regular price $34.95

Drink More Water

Plus the health benefits of tea + fruits! Easily infuse anything with cold water to get your daily hydration needed and make your water more fun!

BPA, EPS, and EA Free

Enjoy our safe to drink from TRITAN material bottle that is chemical free and shatterproof.

Infuse Loose Teas, Bagged Teas, Fruits, Herbs, and More

Designed with very fine mesh holes so no particles escape into your brew.

Saves You Money!

Don't pay hundreds of dollars for canned teas, waters, and sodas. Make your own delicious drinks anywhere in our infuser tumbler!

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free ordering. Love it or your money back!

Great For Hydration!!

This tumbler is the “All in one” tumbler! The functionality of it is practical and easy to use! Before I got all my teas, I used it for just water at the gym! I would say the bottom part seals better with the metal piece in it, even without tea inside. When the tea is inside the metal piece, particles don’t escape! I filled it all the way up with ice and it didn’t melt for a few hours! Overall, I’m super excited about having this tumbler in my collection! It makes drinking water way more fun!
PS - the bracelet that comes with it is adorable!

Lindsey D.

LOVE this tea tumbler!

I am obsessed with this tea tumbler! It’s so cute and it makes brewing tea so quick and easy. I love that it has a wrist strap on it and the lid locks so it is easy to carry on the go. The Infuser basket has really tiny holes, so none of the tea leaves get through. I hate drinking water and I am usually too lazy to brew tea, but this makes water so much more fun and is so simple to use that it’s helping me stay hydrated.

Hannah C.

Amazing quality and fun way to drink tea!

Katy's tea tumbler shipped so fast and it looks just as beautiful as the photos. I chose the pink bottle and it's SO bright and fun- it makes me happy just by looking at it. The bottle itself is really sturdy and the quality is amazing! I absolutely loved how easy it was to insert my tea and water for a seamless infusion. I'm usually a hot tea drinker and this was the first time I make cold tea or infuse fruits. It's introduced a new and fun way for me to drink tea and I'm so happy! A huge plus is being able to support a female business owner. Overall, I'm really satisfied with my purchase.

Meghan C.

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