Love Your Body Detox Tea

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Are you tired of feeling sluggish and uncomfortable after indulging in a hearty meal? Perhaps you're gearing up to dazzle at a grand wedding, an exciting vacation, or a special event. Rekindle your love for your body with our exquisite Creme Brûlée Flavored Detox Tea.

Indulge in a single cup to experience immediate relief, or embark on a transformative journey of up to 14 consecutive days for a complete body detox and rejuvenation. Our remarkable blend comprises 12 all-natural, delicately gentle laxatives and time-honored herbal remedies. This synergy works wonders by purging accumulated toxins and stagnation, reducing bloating, soothing inflammation, boosting vitality, enhancing skin radiance, and more.

Unlock a 30-day supply that encapsulates two full detox cycles in a single bag. Infused with a mild caffeine touch, it's tailored exclusively for adults aged 18 and above. If you're curious about the detox process, feel free to inquire below. Your path to revitalization begins here!

Love Your Body Detox Tea

Regular price $14.95
Sale price $14.95 Regular price $22.95

A Holistic Detox!

We were tired of pills, mystery supplements, and fad diets as a way to detox - so we created a blend with ancient herbal remedies that have been used for centuries.

Tastes Like Dessert

Unlike like other detox teas that taste gross or like mushrooms... we made ours to taste delicious like creme brûlée dessert!

Detox To Love Your Body Again

We want you to love yourself and that starts from the inside out! Our detox tea is designed to flush stale waste + toxins, decrease bloating, and calm inflammation to make you feel your best again.

1 to 14 Day Detox

Drink once for light relief or up to 14 consecutive days for a full body detox and reset!

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free ordering. Love it or your full money back!

Detox without feeling uncomfortable!

I’ve been looking for a detox tea for a while. I was never able to find one that would work and be gentle enough for me to proceed throughout my day. I’ve been having this tea once a day for about a month and I can feel a difference in my energy. It gives me enough energy without making me feel overly caffeinated. Furthermore, it has been a good addition to my morning routine after I workout. My advice is to anyone who drinks this tea is to expect bowel between an 1hr-1.5 if you plan to go anywhere. :)

Sara H.

If you're searching for the perfect detox tea... you've found it!!!

If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want the extra calories from your cravings, THIS tea is for you! This tea allows you to have your sweet tooth craving while also still drinking water! I know, I know... I’ve tried all the other detox teas too and you’re wondering if this one ACTUALLY works... take my word for it, it DOES! So pleasantly surprised that there is actually a detox tea out there that actually tastes good! Will absolutely be buying again!

Reene G.

Delicious and healthy!

I'm a coffee addict and I wanted to stop drinking it for various health reasons, but it was so tasty and delicious. So I switched to this green tea instead of quitting caffeine cold turkey and I'm so glad I did. It's so delicious that I didn't feel like I was missing out on my morning treat. And also, combined with a light workout a couple of days a week, this tea helped me drop a couple of pounds around my belly.

Trevor T.

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