Our Mission: To spread love + together change the world. 💕

It's simple. 🫶🏼

All it takes is spreading love to one person, who then spreads love to another, to make a HUGE impact. Our goal is to make you your brightest daily through our empowering coffees and feel-good teas and together make a difference in the world.

Small Business, Big Impact. 💪 

How We Make A Difference:

Make You Your Brightest

Through our delicious & nutritious handcrafted coffees, loose teas, and cold brew! Aka your new favorite daily drinks to empower you to change the world.

Spread Love + Inspire Kindness

We love to spread messages of kindness, positivity, and love through our product packaging, insert cards, shareable social media quotes, coffee cups, and viral TikTok & Reel pay it forward + acts of kindness videos

Donate 10-100% of Net Profits

10% of all Company Net Profits

100% of all Coffee For A Cause, Donation, and Disaster Relief Net Profits

Donate hundreds of pounds in coffee + tea to local Meals on Wheels, Food Banks, Non-Profits, and more

Give Free Gold ♡ Bracelets

A 14k gold-dipped heart bracelet comes free with every online order on our website to wear as your daily reminder to love yourself, others, and spread more love with us!

Over 200,000+ Positive and Kind Messages Spread 🌻

Over 7,500+ Free Love Bracelets Given & Worn Daily 🤍

Supported Charities
and Causes Include

Over $32,500+ Donated or Paid Forward 🌎

Our Manifesto

We've crafted a manifesto that serves as a daily reminder to embrace a brighter life and love more. Our manifesto is a collection of original thoughts and inspiring quotes, carefully curated to deliver a powerful and uplifting message. With each order, you'll find one of these manifestos thoughtfully included inside the box. Our hope is that you'll choose to display it on your bulletin board, in your office, kitchen, or any place where you'll see it and serve as a meaningful addition to your daily routine!

Second Chance Staff

Through your support we are proud to hire and give opportunity to as a part of our team elderly 65+ workers and second chance previous convicts & felons who have incredibly turned their lives around and have had trouble finding or keeping jobs elsewhere.

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Coffee For a Cause

Our curated collection of coffees giving back to causes in need. Each time you shop one of these coffees, 40% of net proceeds will be given back to your organziation of choice helping to support our mission.

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Our Sunflower

We are proud to be a christian faith-based company and the empowerment needed to start this business was given to our Founder through miraculous signs of sunflowers. That's why our company favicon is a sunflower with a heart center. Keep an eye out for the discreetly embedded love sunflower on all of our packages – it's a little secret that embodies our commitment to spreading love and the good news of Jesus. "Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and glorfiy your Father who is in Heaven." -Matthew 5:16

Katy's Cups

What started out as simply writing inspiring messages on coffee cups has turned into a powerful way to create a ripple effect of positivity and change in the world on social media. When people come together to spread Katy's Cups of inspiration, kindness, and motivation, they not only brighten someone's day but also foster a sense of community and connection. As these messages are shared, they inspire others to do the same, creating a domino effect of positivity and a collective force for good, one cup at a time.

Shop & Support!

The only way we are able to give back and continue our mission to make a difference is through your purchases of our coffee and teas! Without your purchases, our efforts to bring positivity and kindness to communities, people, and charities everywhere are at risk. Your support means everything to us. We ask you to not just browse our site, but shop & join our caffeine community that is making a difference, together

“Together, spreading love, we can change the world. Because anything is possible after a good cup of caffeine.” ☕️

xo - Katy Kopstad, Founder / CEO

Are you in need of some love?✉️

Fill out our #LoveIsBrewing form below to share your story or submit a charity donation request!