Reusable KCups

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Say goodbye to expensive KCups and hello to our Reusable KCups! Simply fill with your favorite Katy's Coffee or Tea and use in any non-steel prong KCup maker. Eco-friendly, reusable, dishwasher safe. Set of 4. Works in most, but not all models of KCUP machines.

Reusable KCups

Regular price $12.00
Sale price $12.00 Regular price $16.95

Compatible In Most KCup Coffee Machines

Your coffee machine's new BFF.

Quick & Easy

The perfect quick single cup of Katy’s every time.

Works With Ground Coffee or Loose Tea

Whichever your daily 'pick me up' may be!

Eco-friendly, Dishwasher Safe & Cost Saving

Use, wash, repeat.

30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

Worry free ordering!

Great for my AirB&B

I love to use Katy's coffee and these reusable Kcups at my airbnb it saves me a ton of money buying Kcups at the store and my guests love craft coffee and supporting a local business.

Richard M.

These are game changers!!!

I used to spend SOOO much money on KCups until I found these! Kcup coffee from the store were stale and gross. Now I get delicious kcup coffee practically for free!

Mel D.

Easy to use and clean

Very ease to use and clean in my dishwasher. I enjoy using these daily.

Tom R.

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