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Rise and Grind! Three Tips to Have a Productive Morning

Productive Morning - Rise and Grind

Let's Make Our Mornings Productive 👏 

Wake up and smell the coffee, ladies ☕🌈🌻

Do you dread waking up in the morning because before you know it the day is almost over? And you wonder how these morning people just wake up and start their day? If you want to wake up with that same energy and ambition to have a productive day, keep reading! We've compiled a short and sweet, yet effective list to make your mornings more productive. 

Let's be honest, we all secretly wish we were morning people! They just seem to wake up and have it all together. And, while they're accomplishing their fifteenth task of the day, we're still on number three. 

Follow These 3️⃣ Tips to Have a Productive Morning: 

1. Get ready for the day 

2. Practice gratitude 

3. Make a priority list


"Your Morning Routine Sets the

Tone for the Rest of the Day" 


Get ready for the day 💄

Whether you're waking up due to the ringing of the alarm clock next to you or your internal alarm clock, you have to make the most out of your mornings. Your mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Getting ready for the day looks different for everyone. You may like to work out before getting your day started or you like taking showers in the morning because you feel awake and refreshed. 

Promise us when we tell you that you'll feel more productive when you get ready in the morning. Read this article if you want to learn about the psychology of getting ready in the morning!

We challenge you to start getting ready for the day whether that means your putting on your favorite pair of jeans or doing some yoga before. You'll feel more accomplished and prepared to take on whatever the day decides to throw your way.

And, we cannot forget to include a good ole cup of tea in the morning (or in the afternoon, we don't judge!). Are you looking for new, delicious tea to try? Check out our teas here. We have so many delicious flavors! 



Practice gratitude 🙏

Practicing gratitude in the morning is a great habit to include in your morning routine. When you practice daily gratitude, you will remind yourself of all the beautiful things you have in life, no matter how big or small. 

Gratitude puts you in a positive state of mind and puts you in a brighter mood by putting you in state of gratefulness. When you're in this state of gratefulness, you'll be more likely to have a productive morning (and day, too!). 

What's one thing you have to be grateful for? 



Make a priority list for the day ✍️

Are you on of those people who makes a ton of to do lists, but doesn't actually get any of it done? We're all guilty of it. But, we have a tip for you!

Instead of making this extensive list of tasks, we recommend prioritizing the top 3-5 things on that list. Your goal for the day is to get those few tasks done. And, if complete these tasks, then you can mark the day as successful. 

Harvard Business Review has an article about productivity and the beauty of doing one thing at time. You can read the article here. Basically, it mentions how you should not multitask because you will actually be less productive and it will take you longer to finish each task. Instead, focus on your most important tasks in the beginning of the day. 

A priority list has your most important to dos for the day and anything else you accomplish within the day is a bonus!


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"Now, go on, and implement these three guidelines for having a productive morning!" 🎉



Katy Kopstad


Katy Kopstad 
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