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MYP Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winner

MYP Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winner
Celebrating Excellence: Katy Kopstad's Triumph at the 2022 MYP MVP Awards
Bradenton, FL - The spirit of achievement and community service converged at the prestigious 2022 MYP MVP Awards, an event that recognized young professionals who showcased exceptional initiative and excellence in their careers while making significant contributions to their communities. Held on February 17 at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, the awards were a culmination of dedication and leadership, hosted by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Presenting Sponsor Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County.
This year's event saw 28 nominations, with five exceptional individuals standing out as winners across various categories. Among them was the remarkable Katy Kopstad, the driving force behind Sea Breeze Coffee and Tea & Drink Katy's. Chosen as the Entrepreneurial MYP MVP, Katy's triumph celebrated her unrelenting dedication and innovative spirit in the business landscape.
The Awards were not only a celebration of individual achievements but also recognized the proactive efforts of an employer that made significant strides in attracting and retaining young talent in the region. The commitment to fostering growth and opportunities was underscored by the recognition of Blalock Walters, P.A., a firm known for its progressive initiatives.
Katy Kopstad's journey with Sea Breeze Coffee and Tea & Drink Katy's exemplifies the values celebrated by the MYP MVP Awards. Her dedication to excellence, leadership, and her innovative approach to entrepreneurship has set a remarkable example for young professionals in the community.
The judging panel for the awards consisted of prominent figures who understand the essence of dedication and community involvement. The panel included Phill Baker from Boyd Insurance & Investment Services, Inc., Dustin Fusillo from Trane Technologies, Stewart Moon from Air & Energy, Stacy Morgan from Conley Buick GMC Subaru, and Chris Pennewill from Hancock Whitney Bank, each with an impressive track record of leadership and community engagement.

As the curtains closed on the 2022 MYP MVP Awards, Katy Kopstad's win stands as a beacon of inspiration for young professionals across the region. Her entrepreneurial journey, commitment to her community, and innovative vision have rightfully earned her a place in the spotlight, showcasing the potential for excellence when passion meets purpose.

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