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As a young woman, I felt like I had to stick to fulfilling societal norms and conventional ideas of success — a stable career, a white picket fence, and meeting life milestones in a prescribed order, at a prescribed time. 

In 2018, Drake released his music video for God’s Plan. The idea was simple — he took the resources he would have spent on what the industry and the world expected him to do and turned those expectations upside down by simply giving away money on camera. The result? Genuine joy, community, happiness, and an undeniable impact on everyone involved. 

When I saw that music video, I realized that’s exactly what I wanted for my life  not to do what’s expected of me, but to love what I do, and to have fun doing it. What if business didn’t have to be boring? What if a brand could not only make the best quality products but also inspire others to love, have fun, feel good, give more, and live a little brighter every day. 

I grew up in the beverage industry. My family owns and operates a coffee and tea business serving restaurants. Drink Katy’s started as a passion project within that family business — and grew to help me amplify my voice, advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and disrupt the way we consume tea.