love is brewing > start every morning with a greatful heart and cup half full. do more of what makes you happy. celebrate your body, it gives you life! nourish it with good things like tea, plants, and yoga. kindness is a way of life not a random act. smile at strangers, give more compliments, pay it forward. no beauty glows brighter than a warm soul. spend time with people who mean the most and never overlook someone in need. rememember, the daily grind is supposed to be fun! dream big, laugh hard, dance often. your potential is endless, it's only defied by you - so let your light shine! together, spreading love, we can change the world. because anything is possible after a good cup of caffeine.


Love Spreading Request 💕 

If you are in the Tampa Bay Area and have a request for the DK team to do a love spreading or mini miracle in your life or for your charity. Leave us details and an estimated cost below!